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2018 Catalogue of Training Programs

2018 catalogue
What participants on our programmes have said about their experience: 


“Thank you so much for the training provided. It was a pleasure, a nice learning process and as you say, also lots of fun with our smart group of people.  All the best to you as well and see you – maybe one day. The world is really small sometimes”

Oncology Expert, Pharmaceuticals Industry

“Thanks a lot and thanks again for leading the course. It was really nice to participate and I feel that I’ve learned a lot.  You truly inspired me.”

Project Leader, International Law Firm

“Thank you very much for giving the training last week.  I have already had several participants telling me how helpful they found the training and how much they enjoyed it.”

Head of Human Resources, International Humanitarian NGO

“It was a pleasure to meet such a great trainer as you are and discover the interesting and exciting world of the project management.  I am very happy to have done the training which will be very useful for me to take the next step in my career path.  Again, loads of thanks and I hope I will have you again for the other two courses that I will surely attend in the near future!”  P.S. I loved Brussels and its atmosphere!!!!

Project Manager, Pharmaceuticals Industry

“It was a great course, I enjoyed it very much and I learned a lot!”

Global Supply Manager,  Oil and Gas Industry

“Thanks very much  for the great training– it was very helpful.  You will be pleased to hear that my colleagues & I are already working on the Project Charter, so I’m sure we will be back to you with a few more questions, once we get a bit further along with the project planning.. but first we need to “sell “ the project, identify an effective sponsor and get the high impact stakeholders on board!
Anyway thanks to your training we at least have a better idea of what we should be doing now and how to speak the PM language with all its acronyms”

Expert Regulatory Affairs, International Humanitarian NGO








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