Project Rescue

Does This Sound Familiar?
No one has a firm idea of when the project will be finished and most people have given up trying to guess.

– The product is laden with defects.
– Team members are working excessive involuntary overtime.
– Management has lost its ability to control progress or even to ascertain the project’s status with any accuracy.
– The customer has lost confidence that the project team will ever deliver the promised goods.
– The team is defensive about its progress.
– Relations between project team members are strained.
– The project is on the verge of cancellation.
– The morale of the project team has hit rock bottom.
– The customer is threatening legal action!

Projects are inherently risky ventures and sometimes it is inevitable that projects are off track. GBMC puts its consultants in to rescue projects from further difficulty and get them back on the road to success through a process of rapid assessment, development of recovery actions, execution, control and applying lessons learned to prevent similar occurrence.