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Strategic need to baseline PM System for standard diagnostic projects resulting in:

  • Requirement for the design, development and implementation of bespoke, customised PM System and approach for high complexity projects within a new portfolio of service of in excess of €10b. GBMC provided:
  • Coaching, planning, and direct support to project and program teams.
  • PMO design and implementation
  • Implementation of core components such as process, documentation, capacity management, Dashboards, etc…
  • Resulting in a modularized, bespoke, ‘menu-type’ PM System that nearly halved cycle time to customers enabling competitiveness ion the market place; initial substantial FTE saving; and identification of otherwise lost opportunities of €millions.


Greek affiliate division undergoing organization change to improve efficiency of product launch, innovation and business improvement projects requiring consistency of approach to PM. GBMC provided PM training to 50+ participants by work-shopping eight ‘real-life’ projects including the development of project plans; preliminary prioritization; drafting of a project portfolio dashboard; and made recommendations for a one year road-map for a change towards a more effective PM approach.

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top-logo Top 7 Company

  • Defined need to restructure clinical research department to be successful compared with other affiliate companies competing for allocation of clinical trials sponsored by HQ.
  • GBMC implemented a wide-range of improvement initiatives relating to PM performance including harmonizing and supporting the new PM culture and vision.
  • GBMC introduced project management disciplines, training, system and management support involving over 300 employees to operate in cross-functional project teams for such activities and product launch, medical and technical development and clinical trials projects.
    Measured success of the initiative by tracking improvement using their internal balanced scorecard indices:
    • Went from being number 9.2 to number 1.2 on listing of company affiliates in nine months
    • Change from consistently missing targets to continuously achieving
    • “Doubled throughput of patients in clinical trials”
    • Committed targets on time and without any shortfall
    • “At the same time recruitment, trial preparation and closure phases became significantly less than published industry’s best practice”

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worked with 90% …

GBMC has worked with 90% of the worlds top 10
Pharmaceutical/Life Science companies in Asia, Europe, the Middle East
and North America for more than 25 years delivering a variety of services.

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  • Requirement to source new training provider to deliver PM related training and development as part of capability framework.
  • GBMC was selected as key PM supplier and delivered variety of courses
    • English and French
    • Audience – development at entry, mid and advanced levels
  • Delivered to a diverse range of project teams in Asia, Europe and North America
  • First provided PM Training 2003, delivered to over 1000 personnel, & still ongoing.

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top-logo Top 4 Company

  • Greek affiliate requirement for the Clinical Trial Team to benchmark there PM performance against good practice, close the group together with a consistent approach, and develop a customized PM language with artefacts.
  • GBMC delivered a bespoke PM workshop to the PMO team and key individuals facilitating the assessment, improvement or development of PM System process and artefacts.
  • Results included the definition of ‘champions’/support group, to provide small, frequent, interventions to maintain the change in behaviours acquired in the workshop.

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  • Company requirement to assign a PM training provider.
  • GBMC deliver a variety of courses for mostly clinical trials personnel in Europe and Asia.

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  • This organization experienced a substantial increase in the number and scope of corporation-wide and local IS projects. While it established corporation-wide project management standards and trained most IS staff; the efficient and consistent application of project management, adherence to standards for all projects, in all businesses and functions still required improvement.
  • GBMC provided a project coaching service, that safeguarded the successful delivery of IS projects within scope, on time and within budget through project management. The service included the coaching of project managers during the complete project life cycle in the form of consulting and active support being performed remotely and face-to-face.
  • The scope of service was expanded to include the facilitation of project planning workshops and project set-up events with the entire project team; supporting the Project Managers in consulting with Stakeholders (e.g. Sponsors, Steering Committees, External Partners, Controlling etc.); and close collaboration with the Corporate IS PMO that supervises coaching measures and demand for coaching.
  • The resulting output was so successful GBMC was tasked with converted the service to a full-time placement of one GBMC’s consultants as Head of PMO.

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