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Newsletter September 2022

The Art of Project Management®

6 things to help you advance your project management career

newsletter Sept 22






1. Choose to lead projects that you believe in. This will help you better motivate the team as well as, provide the gist for the project to progress with urgency.

2. Being given authority on a project does not mean that you are a good leader nor the best decision-maker. Listen well to your colleagues and do not be judgmental. They may see better where things are going wrong in your project.

3. Do not get stuck by methodologies and standards – use what is needed to get the work done. I hear some project managers make statements like agile is the way forward, classical is old etc. The method you select should best fit the project.

4. Tailor your approach to planning and managing the project – don’t just use a method bluntly. All methods need to fit the particularities that a project requires.

5. Certification is great but mainly for you – it shows that you have made the effort to review latest thinking and learned it – not just read it. But beware, certification does not guarantee that you will be a successful project manager.

6. Be part of a peer group and expand your knowledge. Informal forums are good exchanges of knowledge. Peer meetings organised by project management associations frequently lack the informality to make the flow of information fluid.



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