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The Challenges of Executive Development

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Now that most of us have physically returned to work, Talent Management executives are
revamping and relaunching their training development programmes.  A revamp should indeed be on the cards as the lockdown demonstrated that “online” learning is a viable option for many types of trainings and is effective if participants are open minded and willing.  However, organizers do face challenges. We discuss below some of these.

It is well known that if executives do not use the skill sets that they acquire in a training
programme the investment made by the company would be a write-off. Timely delivery of a training is important – meaning that the executive who has a need, wants to apply the learnings on the job.  Ideally, the training should be followed by coaching to maximise the value of the investment made. The coach would help the executive apply the concepts to his/her working environment. There are 5 important questions that the organizer should consider:

1) What are the objectives of the training?
2) Are the training contents relevant to the executive undergoing training?
3) Is the Instructor experienced and knowledgeable and able to share examples from their
4) Is the trainee open minded and willing to consider new approaches to improve his/her
5) Is the trainee able and willing to invest quality time for the training?

Assuming the company organizing the training takes care of the above, there are other aspects that need to be considered as well:

1) How to organize the training groups in a manner that there is no significant variability in the group’s knowledge and experience?  Huge variability can create frustration to both the
instructor and the participants.
2) How to deliver the training in a manner that encapsulates approaches that match the
trainees’ specific way of learning (visual, audio, hands-on)?
3) How to organise the length of the training that allows maximum learning?
4) How much pre and post training assignments should be given to the trainees?

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