Welcome to your PM² EC Quiz
Date 19th February 2019

In this short practice quiz, you will find a number of questions similar to those of the actual PM² (or Agile@EC) Certification Exams.

For the real exam, you will be expected to answer 100 questions in 75 minutes (45 seconds for each question), therefore, you need to practice going though the questions quickly and picking the best possible answer so you can complete the exam on time.

Each question is multiple choice, so you can choose 1 of the 4 possible answers. You will receive 1 point for each correct answer (a wrong answer is worth 0 points - there's no negative scoring).

You need to attain 70% correct answers to pass the test. The PM² (or Agile@EC) exams require some study. If you don’t study, you are likely to fail!

In the practice quiz once completed, you can click on 'Review' to go through your incorrect answers.

This practice quiz is designed to test your knowledge of PM² (or Agile@EC) and not your knowledge of project management. So always answer from a PM² (or Agile@EC) point of view.

We wish you good luck with your exam preparation!



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Introduction to the PM2 Practice Quiz
1) Which role (or roles) are Responsible (RASCI:R) for the activity of Manage Transition?

2) When considerable cost overruns are foreseen, these need to be justified, reported to and approved by the:

3) The Project Owner (PO) is Accountable (RASCI:A) in 8 of the 12 Monitor & Control activities. In which one of the activities below is the Solution Provider (SP) Accountable (RASCI:A)?

4) In PM², who is Accountable (RASCI:A) for the Project Charter?

5) Which of the following is NOT one of the PM² Management Plans?

6) What can I expect to see in a Project Governance Model?

7) In PM², who can formally request project changes and is also informed of project changes?

8) In PM², in which meeting are lessons learned and best practices discussed and captured?

9) In PM², the Project Initiation Request includes the following information:

10) In PM², when is a project considered officially closed?

11) The Business Manager (BM) is:

12) The inputs that are necessary to monitor the project performance and determine whether the project is advancing satisfactorily are (select the best answer):

13) Acting as the project champion promoting the success of the project, monitoring the project progress regularly, driving organisation change, mobilising necessary resources and monitoring proper evolution and change implementation of the project are some of the responsibilities of the:

14) What is the composition (permanent members) of the Project Steering Committee (PSC)?

15) Requirements Management is the process of gathering, documenting, validating requirements and controlling their implementation and change. Who is Responsible (RASCI:R) for managing requirements?

16) A project requirement can be:

17) Which of these four "famous" people has nothing to do with project management?

18) Helping to define business needs and requirements, ensuring that the project specifications and deliverables meet the needs of the users, approving the project specification on behalf of the users, participating in demonstrations and pilot phases are some of the responsibilities of the:

19) Where can you find the description of the PM² Risk Log structure?

20) The 80-20 rule (Pareto rule) can be used in a number of situations in Project Management. When is this rule NOT applicable?

21) In PM², there are 5 layers of governance of the project.  Which one of these layers is responsible for executing the project work, producing the intended deliverables and implementing them into the business organisation?

22) The main purpose of the Business Case is to:

23) When does the Project Manager (PM) start to play a role in a project?

24) In PM², when are Project Logs set up?

25) The purpose of the Business Case is to capture the reasoning for the project, to provide a justification for the investment in time and effort and to establish its budgetary needs. Which of the following statements is true?

26) Which checklists does PM² provide?

27) The purpose of controlling the costs is to ensure that the project operates within the overall budget constraints. If the project budget needs to be revised, a formal approval is needed. Which of the following statement is NOT correct?

28) Which of the answers below is NOT correct in the context of Managing Deliverables Acceptance?

29) Which one is NOT one of the main ideas behind PM² Mindsets?

30) Which of the following is NOT a standard PM² Project Report that can be used during Executing Phase of the project?

31) The Project’s boundaries are defined – select the correct answer:

32) In PM² Configuration Management (CM) is described in?

33) Configuration Management means?

34) The Transition Plan in PM² may include?

35) The key objective of Executing Stage of a PM² project is to?

36) One of the key discussion points during the Project Kick-Off meeting should be?

37) In Managing the Deliverables acceptance process the role of the Business Manager is?

38) Accountability for the production of the Deliverables Acceptance Plan lies with?

39) The role of the Project Steering Committee in the Deliverables Acceptance Plan is?

40) The Accountability in Managing the Deliverables Acceptance Plan process lies with the?