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Newsletter – September 2021

The new Project Management Body of Knowledge – Edition 7

What is it really?   A standard, a guide or an amalgamation of various ideas captured under attention seeking headings?

PMI news 9-21

Going through the new Guide was  painful reading, I must admit.  Parts of the Guide are nicely done, while others contain a lot of “vague information”.

I found the first 60 pages of little value to a practicing project manager. Take for instance the section on navigating complexity – what does it tell me? How does it help?  Many terms throughout the Guide are already well established and researched domains in General Management – what additional value has PMI  brought here?


news 2 9-21

At GBMC we recognized 30 years ago that Methods on their own are of little value, unless the organization provides support to the project management system in terms of governance and the development of a strong culture of team work and cooperation.

The PMBOK Guide addresses these concepts.  What is sadly lacking is the capturing of the “value systems” in a model that people understand without going through pain.

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