GoPM² Programme Description

GoPM² Essentials

This two-day Project Management seminar is designed to provide a focused introduction to the PM² Methodology along with an overview of all the core PM² elements and plans. Over the two days, a number of exercises and workshops will provide hands-on experience of both core Project Management tools and techniques and key PM² templates.

Having completed this seminar, you will appreciate the benefits of using a project management methodology, be more effective at managing (or participating in) projects, and be familiar with the PM² Governance model and its roles, responsibilities, processes, templates and mindsets. You will be in a position to start implementing some of the most essential Project Management best practices, tools and techniques.

GoPM² Advanced

This two-day Advanced PM² Project Management methodology seminar is designed for Project Managers or Project Team Members who are already familiar with the PM² Methodology or have already attained PM² Certification. The seminar builds on the foundations of the PM² Essentials seminar and continues with a thorough presentation of PM² Methodology. Over the two days, more advanced topics such as the six PM² management processes and plans, deliverables acceptance, transition planning and business implementation are explored in depth through a number of exercises and workshops.

Having completed this seminar, you will have an advanced understanding of the PM² Methodology and be more effective overall at managing (or participating in) PM² projects. You will be an advanced user of the PM² management processes, templates and other specific plans, and be able to manage a project from initiating to closing using the PM² Methodology.

GoPM² Agile

This two-day Agile Project Management seminar is designed to help participants understand how they can incorporate agile practices into their projects, based on the Agile PM² Model. The Agile approach embraces change and provides mechanisms which allow project teams to better deal with uncertainty and deliver projects in an iterative and incremental way.

The seminar presents the internal and external factors that need to be considered for the successful integration of Agile practices into an organization’s project management culture and prepares participants to successfully apply key Agile PM² techniques in their projects.
Participants of this course will be engaged in a series of workshops combining theory and hands on work, starting from the creation of a backlog during which the initial epics are identified, to developing a release plan, and going through the repeating activities of planning iterations, managing planned work and evaluating iteration performance.

GoPM² Primer

Are you interested in learning more about the PM² Methodology and you are already a certified Project Manager (e.g. PMP, PRINCE2, IPMA)? Then this this seminar is for you.

This is a one-day condensed seminar, which presents all the elements of the PM² Methodology (see also the GoPM² Essentials seminar description).